Art is Vision - Artist's Statement

“My artwork comes from an idea that sacred geometry can by-pass language and talk to the Soul & the Energy Body. As the mind stills, the heart opens. Art has a fundamental imperative to break through the known patterns and to enable the audience a deeper perspective. 

For instance, since we first painted on the Cave Walls, Art and Vision have been intricately entwined with Altered States and our Symbiotic Relationships. That is to say, art has the power to craft and open the imagination.

As an Independent Artist, I am seeking to touch and inspire a deeper, more awake part of ourselves. A place where we are not separate. I’m looking at how this translates to the collective.

In addition, I’m fascinated by how colours and textures change in different light much like our changing moods alter our perception. We achieve this with mask-layers, translucency and the shadow. It’s like when you look at the river. There are reflections in some parts, and the shadow in other places.

And there you too can see the rocks under the water. Our inner worlds are reflected in our outer expression; the two are intertextual as well as intertextural. Our Shadow selves reveal different layers within our own Process.


Art is Vision

Similarly, everything around us echoes in this play of light and shade. In a sense the Inner is akin to the Outer. On the surface and underneath; certainly, our Inner World is equally coloured. A lot of my work is about the “mirror” that the external world presents to us. Likewise, I’m looking for the “parts” within ourselves that have to transfer “Reaction” into “Response”. In so doing we can find Inner Peace, Balance, and step beyond our Sense of Separation …

My art covers a wide range of media. From the traditional pen & ink, acrylics and oils to the New Media Art afforded through Digital Art technology.

Over the years I’ve experimented with mono-printing, digital photo-etching, video animation installations.

I’m currently working on hand made silk screen printing and am really excited to be taking my work in a relatively new direction.

I am also really happy to have been featured in 123Art Magazine earlier this month ( you can see the article here )talking about my work and inspirations.  I am enjoying  full emersion in my work, and really appreciate that the times where my work has not been in the forefront of my life have allowed for incubation and maturing of ideas.  In short, I am stepping into my life-work, and am loving every minute of it.”

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