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Taking Note .. the diary Project 2021

” Taking Note of the Patterns ” grew as a wee project this year (2020). The original idea was to take some of my pattern work and combine it together with some of the fine art plate into an elegant and functional thing.
The diary started to take shape  over the summer working to edit it all, and add the calendrical information.

Inside features:

  • Deluxe Full Colour patterned pages
  • Monthly themed images and patterns
  • Luxurious 260 pages
  • Lunar Calendar, and major Planetry Transitions
  • Important Festivals, Holidays & Other Cultural Events
  • Year Planners 2021 & 2022, Reference Calendars for each Month
  • Yearly Overview Calendars
  • 2 days per page
  • Notes pages
  • 6×9 in ( 16×22 cm) format; fits in your bag with ease
  • Perfect & Inspiring Personal Diary & Personal Planner

Rhythmic Vision Press

It has been quite an exciting project to create, combining artwork, desktop publishing work, and quite a lot of creative problem solving.

Rhythmic Vision Press is the in-house office of sorts which I have started working on, both for this project and the series of colouring in books that I’m making at the moment.

I very much enjoyed the process, learning and attention to detail which was demanded from this journey, and am already looking at where to take it for the year 2022.

All in all, a thoroughly satisfying thing to dedicate time to…. I hope tha it may interst you, and that you’d like to look further

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Rhythms of Vision

At some point in the winter 2020, before the world went a bit mad, I became interested in how to translate some of my pattern work into the relevant files to use a laser-cutter/CNC router machine.

As I worked on refining the sacred geometries which I’ve built on over the last 2 decades, I started to really understand the separations needed, and the patience require to clean the images up.

Although the project for the Machines has been shelved since the quarentine came in to play, I quickly realised that the images themselves would make a glorious colouring in book for adults.

Inside features:

  • Each page has an image printed on single-sided pages to prevent bleeding
  • a space provided for reflections, ideas and insights
  • 30+ high quality and beautiful illustrations
  • 8.5×11” papers give you lots of room for colouring and being creative

Rhythmic Vision Press

Rhythm of Vision – An Adult Colouring Book is a set of unique, traditionally based intricate pattern designs.


Use your favourite colours and bring to life these psychedelic sacred geometry images, while focusing and relaxing. In our increasingly busy world, finding a still place to reconnect and unwind with our inner peace can be tricky.


The pictures here are dedicated to helping with exactly this:- Rhythmic, delicate and meditative; these pictures have been designed to help you on your journey to mindfulness, inner reflection and tranquility




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Wall Calendar 2021

Following the initial success of the Taking Note of the Patterns Diary (2021), I’m really pleased to say that I also have a Calendar available  in the same theme.

Although more limited in space, I feel that it presents some parts of my work in a format which is both functional and decorative.

Unfortunately, due to complications with the API installation, I am not able to provide an automated sales service on this item.

However, we are offering am email application for interested parties through the form provided.  It should be noted that that both individual sales and wholesale are available at this time via enquiry.

Inside features:

  • Full Colour Printing
  • full page calendar with space for notes
  • 100# Heavy coated paper gives a luxurious feel
  • 12 high quality and beautiful illustrations
  • 11 x 8.5” portrait format

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