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I’ve always been interested in textiles, and beautiful material. From Silk Road carpets of the Nomads’ Tent to the swirling floral prints of William Morris & Laura Ashley.  Part of my exploration into Sacred Geometry and Fractal patterns led me to repeat-print surface design.

My artwork here draws largely on the traditional Celtic Sea Board, and the intricate stylisation of natural movements.  From folk dances, ancient artifacts, the romance of the C19th and nature Herself, my art is reminiscent of the movements in Pre-Raphaelite, Art-Nouveau and Art Deco.  I have been interested in this work since childhood, when introduced in Glasgow to Rennie-Mackintosh, Mucha, et al.  And yet, an equally imprortant impression was left by the works of Bridget Reilly ( a friend of my uncle’s), and the late 60’s Psychedelic Art movement.

In this vein, i offer some cloth.

If you would like to explore, check here  further..   other example of my work in this area will be added as i develope the site more

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