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Dave S Wyatt - Artist & Digital Print Maker - New Media Artist

I’ve been to places in my life where the sheer beauty takes the breath away, and the naked soul is stripped of words.  The further one steps from the well-trodden road, and leaves on a wee forest trail, the closer one gets to a realm where harmonious interplay is the natural currency.  My practice has led me down one of these paths, and where the words have failed, the shifting patterns have prevailed.  My work is a visual description of such a journey down a path with heart.

I’ve always found a certain peace in making drawings and paintings..  There’s a deeply centred place that comes to me, sited somewhere on the edge of trance where I watch a piece develope and become alive.  I find it a very meditative process, and find myself called to be producing the work.  Ideas and images come in dreams and visions in the night, or are brought through from ceremony.

I make art because it touches and soothes my soul. It facilitates part of my deeper healing and recognition of who I am, and what I came here to do on this earthwalk.  Maybe it touches others too.

I want my art to communicate the “unspeakable” in a way that others can also experience the divineness of this multi-verse, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Along the Way

 My personal journey began 33yrs ago, taking acid for the first time in Glasgow.  I realised that I had come home to my birth-right – to forge a relationship with, and go as deeply as possible into “other” and download what was there in the bewildering dimension … it’s been a long and transformative ( and very interesting) journey.

The communities which hold these medicines ( Ayahuesca, Huchuma, Mushrooms “the flesh of the Gods”) do need us to support them also, because the gift that they have to share needs to be supported.  I believe though, that the vision needs to be broader, as the entirety of the “work” requires (within the model of capital) a financial contribution .. we are, after all, a long way from a world where those with “calling” can apply for a government grant for hallucinogenic research..

As Mckenna said (paraphrase) the role of the artists and shamans is to go into the [hallucinogen] experience, and bring back the jewels left at the end of time.

The Work.

I work in varying techniques, from pen & ink, to acrylic, and have experimented with various forms of print-making and mixed media over the years.  Through my work with video, digital graphics and new media art, I find myself drawn to a process within which I take my hand-drawn illustrations and re-mix, as it were, through various integrated softwares technologies to create multi-layer, trans-dimensional images for print.

I suppose I’m drawn to the interchange and subtle layering, where shadow and light transform the underlying pattern; much like the play of dappled light through the forest on a flowing mountain stream.

My work with patterns and design is based in my studies of the rhythms of nature.  My inspiration comes from the forests, the wild mountain streams, the movement of the stars and the changing wheel of seasons.

The garden and the trees grow and change as the year turns; twisting and winding their tendrils into the intricate web we call life.  The stars and planets weave their paths in even greater and longer patterns, marking the months, the years and the eons with an ever evolving pattern which holds us in the perpetual now.

Our present is conjured through the patterns of our past; our future is born within our conscious responses within the present.

The questions are yours to uncover, your answers are within your patterns and reflection; your growth is the weaving of these understandings and re:memberings, as your journey unfolds like a sapling growing on the mountainside.  Being aware of the seeds you plant, the nurture you give, and the patterns unfolding is the journey towards the beautiful and bountiful garden of your soul’s nature.

Other Experiences

Over the years, I’ve worked as a Chef, an Archeologist, a Builder and a Yurt Maker.

Making Yurts has probably been one of my best things to do, as it has encompassed design, and woodworking and a host of other skills.

“May the soft rains fall, and nurture;
May the warm earth hold the dream;
May the sun shine down with radiance;
May the stars light your way in the dark.
May the seed grow strong for tomorrow;
May the flower give joy to your soul;
May the patterns unfold, unhindered;
May you always be coming home.”


 ∞ Peace ∞

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